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One of the most magical things about music (and life) is that we get to share it all with other brilliant people. As a lover of music and the process of music making, I'm hoping to pick the brains of others out in the world who also enjoy this pursuit as much as I do. 

Episode #1: UNDER The Covers with Eric Ahern

I dive "under the covers" with the legendary California artist, Eric Ahern, as we discuss all things music while under our favorite actual covers. To complete the thought, I also cover one of his songs and we discuss it after~

Eric WHAX battle Youtube static image.jpg

Episode #2: The Rundown With Zachary Wexelman of Real Topeka People

We discuss how labels are potentially less important than they seem, TikTok and crayons. 

Youtube Thumb rapid rundown with Real Topeka People.jpeg

Episode 3: Coming soon to a screen near you.

It's gonna be sick. 

Eric WHAX battle Youtube static image.jpg
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