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The Weekly Takeaway: You’re Not Using the Internet to Its Fullest Potential

The Weekly Takeaway is a short weekly digest sent to subscribers every Sunday about the biggest learning of my week. It's as much an internal log as it is public facing. Though, often I feel the process is something everyone can learn from — no matter the endeavor — so sharing here on the interwebs, as well.

The Weekly Takeaway: Show Your Work More Often

I used to think everything had to be perfect before sending a creative project out into the world. And even then I worried it was not enough. So far in this music project, I've learned that it's actually more important to get your ideas out into the world; and fast. Of course, quality is still of the upmost importance. Junk will return junk. But if you love it, cared for it, made it new and are somewhat proud of it, send it out. Instead of perfection, chase development. And bring others along with you.

For this project, for example, I hear my first song I've ever written and cringe every time, hearing all the things I would like to improve. I had wanted to tinker with it for another month. Quite honestly, without the push from my brother, I probably would have never released it. But here we are. And now that it's out there, I'm furiously writing many more. I can feel the momentum of progress instead of the fear of not having the prefect end result I want.

And the importance of sharing your creative process online? It infinitely expands the benefits of your process.

  • Others can learn from it. Your unique story of failures and successes are more relevant than you think.

  • Other creatives in similar stages might reach out and lend a hand or advice. You now have a platform for connecting with your creative contemporaries.

  • It gives you an actual portfolio you can point to and be somewhat proud of, instead of a vague list of skills.

  • A public audience forces you to be accountable and efficient. I don't think even the most prolific version of myself would keep a weekly internal log of success and failures if I wasn't sharing publicly.

In short: Don't just use the internet to consume information, but contribute to it and you'll open doors to new opportunities you never knew existed.

More Inspiration On This Subject:

Book I Loved: Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Online Article To Read: Why You Should Share Your Ideas Online (Stew Fortier's Blog is well worth subscribing to, in general.)

Lyric Of The Week That Stuck In My Head:

"Feels like a night to carry a tune

I've been carrying yours since you wrecked my room"

Song - Kilby Girl by The Backseat Lovers

PS - New songs coming soon to YouTube on a device near you. Updates via email and social channels.

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