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The Future Is Not Inevitable; It's Created

It's funny how something so simple could enact such a profound inspiration within me. I saw a clip of Jack Conte talking about this and it really sunk into the deep end of my skull today. The future is created. If not by you, then by someone else. If you set intentions and goals and have the courage to make a run at it, you'll find a future to be much closer to what you envisioned, as opposed to something that just happens to you. I often find myself dreaming and hoping that things will happen — wading through swampy visions that I never act on, and feeling more and more stuck in my own muddy dreams each time I don't do anything about it. But with just a little focus (focus being the key, since you can't do everything, but you can do anything) there is a future out there that you can create. You have much more power than you think.

There's really no "right" answer, ever. No matter how much it can seem that way. And, as such, there is some freedom to make dreams happen. They won't ever be exactly as they appeared in their murky mental form, but you can make them a reality. If you don't, the rest will just happen upon you, which, while sometimes those things can be good, won't ever be as satisfying as seeing one of your own goals through to the end.

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