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Life's Biggest "Risks" Aren't What You Think

Fear is a funny thing. Remember as a kid thinking that at night the monster under the bed might come and get us? But with perspective we grew to understand how unfounded that risk truly was. As an adult, I still often fear monsters that aren't actually there. Often, when I make music and get ready to post it online, I have to navigate all sorts of emerging mental rapids — Will people like this? Is this any good? Am I just wasting my time? What if everyone thinks it sucks? — and yet none of those fears are actually true risks. It's literally just something I do for fun. And if someone doesn't like it, you know what happens? They watch it, forget about it and move on with their own life's rapids.

I think this concept can even be applied more deeply. Let's say you have a big life goal and a bold new career move you want to take. Even here, the risks aren't truly as big as you think. Jumping out of a plane in a wingsuit is real risk. If you don't fly well and land, you die. If you make a big career move and chase your life goals, you have far more safety nets and safe landings than you're realizing. Your life most likely won't be over if you make that big change, you probably won't die, and in all likelihood you'll probably even feel more fulfilled choosing your destination and maybe even find more "success" however you define that concept.

Maybe I need to heed my own advice here. Why does all fear feel like staring out of a plane with a wingsuit on?

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