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Introducing: The THING

Songs are often made about the same old things - Love, Unrequited Love, Forbidden Love, Unattainable Love, Old Love, New Love, Could You Be Loved? etc., etc. Instead of that, let's make some music about underrepresented topics. How about that feeling when you're full, but you're still reaching for a second cookie? Or fanny packs? Or a song to play while waiting for a frozen burrito to heat in the microwave. Yea, I'll do any of it. This is what bedroom musicians are made for.

How this will work:

  • I need suggestions from you; this could be any thing, phrase, emotion, weird obscure theme, sound, even just a dog bark that you want me to fashion a song around.

  • I will accept suggestions tomorrow via comments on Instagram. Stay tuned for the post sometime Monday (1/11) morning.

  • I will choose one user submitted topic by the EOD and then begin writing the song around that theme this week. (Hopefully I get at least one suggestion!)

  • I will post the completed song within a week of choosing the topic. Likely via YouTube for now.

Depending on how this goes, hoping to make this "interactive" song segment a somewhat reoccurring session. So, if not this time, then maybe sometime soon your wild idea just may see its day in the sun as a musical entity; have faith.

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