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Greatness is just consistency

It's easy to chalk up professional success to their talent and good genetics, but an interesting conversation via Ravens' Owner Steve Bisciotti made me think twice about this fact. "Greatness is consistency" is one of his more noteworthy quotes to come of the interview. And when someone who has worked hard and has been as successful as he has says something about success, I tend to listen extra closely.

And if you think about it, guaranteeing consistency in a world full of chaos is something that people will gravitate around. You'll pay extra to have Apple branded chargers and headphones noting that the gas station knock-offs too often fail and break and don't do what they are supposed to do. You're more likely to subscribe to a Youtube channel that has consistently great content as opposed to one that makes sporadic videos on sporadic timeframes. A cornerback in the NFL is more likely to have success if they consistently prevent passes to their man, as opposed to the one who makes more big interceptions, but also gives up touchdowns in a more unreliable manner.

True consistency is actually rarer to see when you really look for it deeply. There's so much happening in our lives, and frankly, in order to be consistent, you have to be willing to do the boring work. To take time to send each client updates week after week, even when you're drowning in newer, more-pressing projects. To do the cold-outreach every day so that your leads never run dry in the future, even when things are already going well. It's really hard to be consistent, and to consistently deliver. But if you do, then your value skyrockets, even if someone else is sometimes better.

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