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Should be interesting. Lots to do. 

I heart you!

From Bedroom To Red Rocks (in one year)

I'm on a (very bold) quest to go from playing to my bedroom walls to playing a live set at Colorado's famous Red Rocks venue. The kicker?  I'm aiming to do this all in one year (and ideally bring other creators and musicians with me along the way). 

Start date: Jan 29, 2023

I write a weekly newsletter (published on Mondays) describing the journey, my plans and all the things I learn along the way. Those can be accessed here (publishing on this blog is often delayed a week) or you can access them instantly via signing up to this email subscription (email published once every Monday).


In addition, I interview musicians here, whom I hope to promote and distill learnings from that everyone can use. 

The idea for all of this is to "find the gaps." We all have audacious goals. I think they may be closer than we think. Identify the goal, see what gaps of knowledge and skill you have that are needed in order to get there, and then let's fill them up until we get where we're going. 

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